• GMORS 설립


  • 세계적인 수출 시작


  • Established GMORS Laboratory. Started designing compounds to meet customers’ spec. requirements.


  • ISO-9002 & QS-9000 Certified (Taiwan Plant)


  • 대만 장-빈(Chang-bin)산업 단지로 이전과 동시에GMORS 본부 건립
  • Micro-Vu 3D 검사기기 도입을 통해 품질 컨트롤 강화
  • Basler Vario 자동 검사시스템기기 구입을 통한 고객의 무결함 욕구에 충족
  • Diaphragm(격막)검사 시스템기기 도입을 통한 누출 테스트 실시


  • 3 compounds (NBR, EPDM, Silicone) 70 Shore A, color black certified by NSF61.(Drinking water)


  • GMORS 실험실CNLA인증취득 (원료개발 및 각종 테스트 능력을 인정받음)
  • 중국 공장 설립을 통해 경제적인 원료 및 안정된 고품질 제품을 각 산업에 공급
  • 자동차 시장을 위해3rd Basler Vario 자동 검사기기 도입
  • DI-water 클리닝 시스템기기 도입을 통해 반도체산업 및 의료기기시장에 진출


  • 국 공장ISO-9002 인증취득
  • QS-9000 인증취득을 더블어 자동차산업에 서비스 제공
  • 6 Sigma 학습을 통해 그린 벨트의 실습능력을 강화하여 토탈 품질관리 실현


  • 고객 오더에 대한 배급 서비스를 개선하기 위하여 대만에서 물류창고 시작
  • 대만 공장 & 중국 공장 TS16949 인증취득 (국제 품질시스템 승인)
  • EPDM 70 Shore A, color black certified by WRAS. (UK Drinking water)
  • 중국 공장TS16949 인증취득 (국제 품질시스템 승인)


  • GMORS 실험실 TAF (CNLA)인증통과 (원료개발 및 각종 테스트 능력을 인정받음)
  • 광대한 한국시장에 대한 서비스를 위해 서울에 한국GMORS를 설립하였습니다


  • 원료성분 분석을 위한 가스 크로마토그래프 분광계 도입


  • ISO-13485 인증취득(의료산업에서 승인된 국제 품질 시스템)
  • AS-9100 인증 취득(항공우주산업에서 승인된 국제 품질 시스템 )


  • ERP system Updated to SAP. 
    (stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing.)
  • Began to implement PLM system. (Product Lifecycle Management)


  • Build Clean room in both Taiwan & China plant to meet OEM customer special Cleanliness spec.
  • Awarded TTQS training quality assessment (Enterprise Version) bronze Medal.
  • Taiwan Plant implemented 5S and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) program.


  • Awarded TTQS training quality assessment (Enterprise Version) silver Medal.
  • Taiwan Plant implemented Lean Production (Production Dept.) & TQM (Total Quality Management) program (Quality Assurance Dept.).
  • China Plant practiced 5S and invited supply chain to 5S Presentation.
  • China Plant implemented TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) program.


  • GMORS Awarded Taiwan Quality Product Gold Brand by Republic of China Fine Manufacturer Association.
  • Thailand plant joined into Production Team.
  • The First GMORS Model Employee Award was held on the end April.
  • Raw material and tool warehouse in GMORS Thailand for excellent process management.
  • GMORS publishes G-TIMES Newspaper.


  • Taiwan Plant renewed the 3 year duration certificate of TS-16949 again.
  • Input eHRD system. (education & human resource development )
  • Online Stock System runs on the internet, Build to Stock (BTS) satisfy customer’s need for standard items anytime.
  • GMORS first video, the brief introduction to understand us.
  • The character of GMORS: G-MAN is created. The video 「G-MAN MISSION」 shows how G-MAN solves the sealing problems in different markets.


  • GMORS Taiwan obtained ISO14001/OHSAS18001 certificates, and GMORS China obtained ISO14001 certificate to protect employees’ healthy and safety, and guarantee an eco-friendly environment for sustainable development.
  • Taiwan Plant began to implement MES system , aim at production process, MES provide real-time supervision, track every production scope accurately, decrease human mistakes and increase production efficiency.
  • Create charitable trust to help the social vulnerable groups.


  • MES system in GMORS China. MES provide real-time supervision, track every production scope accurately, decrease human mistakes and increase production efficiency.
  • To implement Six Sigma black belt to develop the qualified personnel, there were 7 persons get this qualifications.


  • GMORS First APP : O-Ring Master, .it provides the most detailed O-Ring sizes data in the market.
  • GMORS website on mobile device is running on the internet.