GMORS, Our Happiness, Your Satisfaction.

The warm sunshine brighten the country road in DingNian village at ChangHua.It is where GMORS started. We stick to top-quality seal manufacture for many years by utilizing our refined R&D techniques and innovative capabilities. We value joy of work and effective communication in the meeting while growing together with employees.  We are proud to bring a meticulous attention to every detail with our determined and unwavering aspirations. From the old factory to new sites, from the past to the future, we keep forging ahead.  GMORS, fulfill our dream of happiness.


GMORS (Ge Mao Rubber) Company Profile

1981년 성립한 GMORS는 아래 제품을 전문적으로 생산하고 있다: O형환(AS568A/BS/Metric/JIS B2401 P&G/비표준), X형환, 예비용 환, 사각형환, 와셔, 패킹, U형패킹, 쇠고리, 격판, D형환, VA밀봉부품, 고무-금속결합부품(금속을 고무에 붙일 때의 부품), 유압밀봉부품, 의료용 고무 부품, TPE & TPU부품, 위생과 식용수 시스템에 사용되는 고무 부품, OEM과 기타 고객이 주문하는 고무 부품.